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          Puning crime was a devastating blow
          Published:2011-06-29 15:08:46

          Reporters learned that a few years ago, counterfeit cigarettes, counterfeit pharmaceuticals and food once in Puning are flooding .Puning people will not forget they were disastrous and pay a heavy price because of the disorganized market economic order. The false problems in Puning, which has aroused particular concern by their superiors and the people are particularly sensitive also related to people's lives, is related to the economic development, image and reputation of Puning. Therefore, the municipal government regards the holiday work as a matter of a major event in the future of Puning destiny and lists it as the party's first responsibility. In February 25, the new secretary Du xiaoyang ,attended the first meeting and issued the first file which was focused on key areas of social security regulation governing false and fake content.

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